BIANA TRADE shoe factory was established in 1993 as a pioneer in the shoe industry of the Republic of Macedonia. The founder of the company is Mr. Srecko Stoilkovski who is an experienced leader in shoemaking. He has completed higher education in Belgrade, Serbia, and many years of work experience in CHIK Kumanovo.

The company mainly deals with the production of women’s shoes and sandals for everyday use. The company team works in step with the times and new trends. The famous brand BIANA TRADE is a leading brand in both the domestic and foreign markets. The shoes that are made in BIANA TRADE are made of high quality natural materials with built-in anatomical and orthopedic soles that offer comfort while wearing, while the construction itself incorporates natural eco-adhesives according to all standards.

BIANA TRADE models offer a large selection of colors and designs that are in step with the latest fashion trends while leaving their own creative stamp. The daily production of BIANA TRADE ranges from 250-300 pairs and is organized in five phases:

Step 1

Browse our website and choose the shoe model you like most.

Step 2

Select the desired model and add it in the cart.

Step 3

Fill in the required information to create an order

Step 4

Once the order is registered, it will be delivered to your address in 1-3 working days

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